Paediatric First Aid
Worksheets 1 and 2



These Worksheets have been written and designed around the Paediatric First Aid syllabus and can be used as a useful resource for recapping over the day's training.

  • Worksheet 1 supports Day 1 of your Paediatric First Aid courses and can also be used in your Emergency Paediatric First Aid training
  • Worksheet 2 supports Day 2 of your PFA courses
  • They can be completed at the end of the day's training or used as 'homework'!
  • Sold in packs of 12 full sets of Worksheets

You can purchase Worksheets 1 separately - PFAWORKSHEET1

And Worksheets 2 for Day 2 of the PFA course - PFAWORKSHEET2

NB: The PDF versions are free to Nuco-registered Instructors and can be found in the Download Area of Nucoplus

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