First Aid for Youth Mental Health Book (Electronic Version)

Reference FA4YMH-EBOOK


A 32 page manual containing comprehensive guidance on First Aid for Youth Mental Health and complements the 1-day Ofqual and SQA regulated Level 2 (L5 in Scotland) First Aid for Youth Mental Health course and serves as an ideal post-course reference book.

Clear and easy to understand guidance. Fully illustrated in a high-quality manual. Written and published by Nuco Training Ltd. Great value for money.


  • Comprehensive manual
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Fully illustrated
  • Complements the Ofqual/SQA regulated Level 2/Level 5 First Aid for Youth Mental Health courses
  • Very high quality
  • Good value for money

Edition 1 is published by Nuco Training

ISBN: 978-1-914984-02-0

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