Eye Pod Station (Inc. 10 x Eye Pods, Mirror & Sign)

Reference QE0731

The Eye Pod Station with Mirror & Sign is a one-stop solution designed to cater to your immediate eye care needs. Ideal for high-risk work environments or homes, this easy-to-use eye pod station provides swift relief for minor eye irritations and is designed to be mounted on the wall for easy accessibility.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Set: The kit comes complete with 10 sterile saline 20ml solution eye pods, 2 eye pad dressings, and a mirror for easy application. Every component has been carefully selected to ensure that you have everything you need in one place.
  • Quality Saline Solution: The saline eye pods contain a sterile 20ml solution. Ideal for rinsing and cleaning eyes to alleviate discomfort from dust, debris, or other irritants.
  • Eye Pad Dressings: Our set also includes 2 eye pad dressings, perfect for covering and protecting your eye after irrigation.
  • Convenient Mirror: The kit features an easy-to-use mirror for self-application.
  • Segmented Packaging: The segmented packaging design keeps all the elements neatly organised and easily accessible. This format aids in quick navigation during times of urgency.
  • Durable and Fixed Design: The robust design of the eye pod station is meant for wall mounting, ensuring it remains in a fixed, easily accessible location in high-risk environments like homes, schools, and offices.
  • Sign Included: Each eye pod station comes with a sign, offering clear instructions for use to ensure everyone can utilise it correctly.

Ensure you're always prepared for minor eye emergencies with the Eye Pod Station.

  • MPNQE0734
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